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Pedro de la Rosa (Pedro Marti­nez de la Rosa)

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Barcelona, Spain
Marital Status
Married to Maria Reyes, two daughters (Georgina and Olivia)
Barcelona, Spain
Favourite Music
Bruce Springsteen
Radio controlled helicopters, cycling, cross country skiing.

Grand Prix Starts:
Fastest Laps:
First Race:
1999 Australian Grand Prix

Formula 1
2010 Sauber, Car No. 22
2009 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: test driver
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: test driver
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: test driver
Team McLaren Mercedes: test driver. Replaced Juan Pablo Montoya
Team McLaren Mercedes: test driver: competed in the Bahrain Grand Prix when he replaced Juan Pablo Montoya; set fastest lap and finished fifth; four points; 20th in the Drivers’ Championship
Team McLaren Mercedes: test driver.
Team McLaren Mercedes: test driver.
Jaguar Racing: 19th in the Drivers’ Championship; eighth in Australia and Brazil.
Jaguar Racing: three points; 16th in the Drivers’ Championship; debut race round five in Spain; fifth in Italy, sixth in Canada.
Arrows Grand Prix: two points; 17th in the Drivers’ Championship; sixth at the European GP at the Nürburgring and German GP.
Arrows Grand Prix: one point; 17th in the Drivers’ Championship; sixth in Australia.
Test driver for Jordan Grand Prix.

Competition History
Nippon F3000 Champion; 10 podium finishes. All Japan GT Champion.
Formula Nippon F3000; eighth in the Drivers’ standings. All Japan GT Championship: eighth in the Drivers’ standings.
Formula Three Japanese Champion; third in the Macau Grand Prix.
British Formula Three Series.
Formula Renault Championship; sixth in the Drivers’ standings.
British Formula Renault Champion. European Formula Renault Champion.
Spanish Formula Renault Championship; fourth in the Drivers’ standings.
Spanish Formula Ford 1600 Champion. Races British Formula Ford 1600 (2 podiums out of 6 races).
Formula Fiat Uno Champion.
Karting in Spanish Junior Championships.
Year Team        
2005 McLaren         
2002 Jaguar        
2001 Jaguar        
2000 Arrows        
1999 Arrows        


You have been with the team for over five years, what advantages as a test driver does that give you?
Being in the team since 2003 gives me several advantages. The first is that I know every member of the team and their role within the team very well . All this saves time in order to achieve goals. Secondly, I have driven seven different cars, which gives me a good base to understand what we need to improve the car and make it quicker.

The main difference in the regulations this year is the removal of driver aids, what input does the test driver have in developing the car around this? How much work has had to be done and what has been the main difference in driving?
Every season we have some kind of regulation changes and all we have to do is adapt ourselves and the car to these changes. People talk a lot about the removal of driver aids, but there is not much difference from a driver’s point of view. I have driven without driver aids for most of my life. However, the starts should be more interesting as it will be difficult to do them consistently. Regarding the car, we have made lots of detail changes which are a consequence of the simulation work already carried out and at the two track tests prior to Christmas.

2007 was one of the closest seasons the sport has seen for many years, do you think that 2008 will be just as exciting?
It should be even better as I imagine there will be more than just two teams winning races.

Favourite film?
The silence of the lambs

Favourite song / music track?
Mana, Manda una señal

Favourite actor?
Jorge Sanz , Juan Echanove and Lucía Jiménez

The best dish you can cook?
None. Well, spaghetti with tomato sauce, but that is easy.

What would you never eat?
Frog legs

Most embarrassing moment ever?
Destroying a brand new Toyota Supra on an installation lap in 1996

The day you will never forget?
There are many, but the days my daughters were born

Luxury you could not live without?
Shaving in the morning

Favourite corner and why?
Every corner where I am quicker than the rest


If I had three wishes…..
First and most important, that my family remains forever healthy. With good health, everything is possible. Second, that I could stop getting old. Third, that I would become one of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes race drivers.

Which three things would you take to a remote island?
Why would I want to go to a remote island? Well, in that situation, my electric toothbrush, my electric razor and my aftershave.

If you weren’t a Formula 1 driver what would you be?
I would have finished my university studies in economics and would have probably gone to work in the family business.

What do you particularly love about Formula 1?
Simply, I love driving a Formula 1 car. The feeling of driving a Formula 1 car to the limit is something unique. There is nothing better than that.

What cars do you own, and why did you choose those particular cars?
I have a Mercedes-Benz R Class 500, with a long wheelbase. It is a great family car, with three rows of seats and four-wheel drive. My two daughters can watch DVD’s in the back seats so they call it ‘the car with the TV’.

What would be your dream holiday destination?
Without any doubt, Mallorca, Spain. My grandfather was from Mallorca and since I was born we have always gone there during August.

What do you do when you are not racing or testing?
When I am at home in Barcelona I divide the day in two. In the morning I do my training with my trainer, who is based in Barcelona’s Olympic Area, 20 minutes from my home. In the afternoon I go to the office and do the typical administration work related to racing (interviews, signing photos, preparing the next trip etc). From there, I try to pick up my daughters from school at 17:00, take them home and spend as much time as I can with them before they go to sleep. At night, when possible, going to the cinema with my wife Maria is a great plan.

What is your favourite race track?
Suzuka, because it is the most difficult and technical track I have ever driven. Also, the memory of my races in Formula 3, GT and F3000 there, make it even more special.

Who is your hero?
Since I was a kid, my hero has been Superman because he can fly.

Pedro Marti­nez de la Rosa (born February 24, 1971) is a Spanish Formula One driver. He was born in Barcelona (Spain). De la Rosa has participated in 64 grand prix, debuting on March 7, 1999, becoming one of very few drivers to score a point at his first race. He scored a total of 6 championship points with the old scoring system, and an additional 4 points in the expanded scoring format in the 2005 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Early Career
Unlike most drivers, Pedro started his career in European radio controlled off-road cars. He also became the Two-times European radio controlled off-road car Champion during from 1983 to 1987 It was only after that when he started karting in a local Spanish Championship in 1988. He then joined the Spanish Formula Fiat Uno and became champion in 1989.

Professional Career
In 1990 Pedro joined the Spanish Formula Ford 1600 and became champion. He also joined the British Formula Renault 1600 and got two podiums out of six races. In 1991,Pedro got fourth in the Spanish Formula Renault Championship with three podium finishes. In 1992 he won both the European and British Formula Renault. However, he slipped down the order in the next two years. In 1995, he was champion of the Japanese Formula 3 series and third in the Macau Grand Prix. In 1996 Pedro was 8th in both the Formula Nippon F3000 and All Japan GT Championship. The next year he was champion of the Formula Nippon F3000. He was also the Japan All GT Champion.

To Formula One
In 1998, Pedro shifted to the Formula One series as a test driver for Jordan. The next year, he joined Arrows and scored only one point in the driver's standings. He picked the point up in the Australian Grand Prix. In 2000, he bettered his performance by one point scoring at both Hockenheim and Nurburgring. For the next two years, he joined Jaguar Racing,having a difficult relationship with the team's lead driver Eddie Irvine. He scored 3 points in 2001 but was pointless in 2002 and was dropped in 2003 (along with Irvine,who retired). He then moved to Team McLaren as a test driver.

He became a test driver for McLaren and was promoted to a competing driver for the 2005 Bahrain Grand Prix when Juan Pablo Montoya injured his shoulder.

If I had three wishes…..
They would be for me and my family to stay healthy and happy, and maybe to have a son as I am outnumbered by all the women in my life!

Which three things would you take to a remote island?
I would take my wife, my daughters and my fishing boat, so we all had something to eat!

If you weren’t a Formula One driver what would you be?
I would have finished my university studies in economics and would have probably gone to work in the family business.

What do you particularly love about Formula One?
People can question my motivation as I am a test driver, but I set myself targets to help motivate myself. They are to always be honest, be objective and be the fastest on the track. We still have lap times in testing so we are still being measured against our competitors, which is the major motivation for me. I also love going home and knowing that, sometimes, I’ve been the quickest guy out there.

What cars do you own, and why did you choose those particular cars?
With my ever increasing family I have a Mercedes E320 Estate, as they are all girls I need it just to fit in all their belongings.

What would be your dream holiday destination?
Every year for the duration of the summer, my family and I go to a little island in Majorca. I love it out there as they have all the facilities I need to carry on my training routine and still enjoy a long family holiday with my wife and two daughters. I have been going to Majorca since I was three years old and I do not intend to change that habit now.

What do you do when you are not racing or testing?
When I’m at home in Barcelona I always go to the gym and spend time training in the mornings, or perhaps do some mountain- or road-biking. In the afternoon I go to my office in Barcelona and do my administration work that’s related to racing. Then later I try to pick up my daughter from school - and that’s the end of the day for me!

What is your favourite race track?
The Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, because of memories of its technical layout and when I raced there during 1995/96 and 97 in Formula three, Formula 3000 and GT cars. The fans are extremely passionate. I think the best in the world. I haven’t had much luck in Formula One there, but I still enjoy it.

Who is your hero?
The two for me are, without doubt, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. I was their biggest fan when they were dominating with McLaren. In fact, I’ve always been a McLaren fan because of Senna and Prost in those days.
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