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Basic Information  
Base: Senago, Italy/Switzerland

Formula1 information  
Grand Prix's entered: 46
World Championships: 0
Wins: 0
Fastest laps:0
Points: 0
First Race:

Brazilian grand prix, 1988

Last Race:

San Marino grand prix, 1990


Year Chassis Engine Tyres Drivers Championship Points


Judd CV V8PirelliRoberto Moreno-0
Claudio Langes
1989ER188BJudd CV V8 Pirelli

Gregor Foitek


ER189 Oscar Larrauri
1988ER188 Ford DFZ V8 GoodyearOscar Larrauri -0

Stefano Modena

History and facts

EuroBrun was a Formula One constructor from Senago, Italy, with an Italio-Swiss ownership. They participated in 46 grands prix, entering a total of 76 cars.

The team was a combination of two outfits - the mechanical manpower and skill of Giampaolo Pavanello's Euroracing team, who had also ran the Alfa Romeo Formula One team in 1984-85, and the financial muscle and organisational skill of long-time Swiss sports car racing backer, Walter Brun, combining to have a crack at F1.

For 1988, Mario Tolentino designed the ER188 chassis, to be powered by a normally-aspirated 3.5 L Cosworth DFZ engine. Formula 3000 champion Stefano Modena and long-time Brun stalwart Oscar Larrauri were signed to drive. Despite a solid if unspectacular start to the season, EuroBrun were struggling as money ran low. There was internal trouble when Brun unsuccessfully tried to replace Larrauri with Christian Danner, and Euroracing were showing disinterest in Formula One. Both drivers would fail to qualify at certain events (Modena missing out four times, and being excluded from another two races for technical infringements, and Larrauri failing seven times), and Modena's 11th place at the Hungarian Grand Prix would be their best result.

Before the 1989 season, Euroracing slimmed down to a nominal level of involvement, in the shape of a handful of engineers and mechanics. EuroBrun dropped down to a single car, to be driven by Gregor Foitek, while the ER188 was modified slightly to take a Judd V8 engine and Pirelli tyres. The team would only make it through pre-qualifying once, and then Foitek failed to qualify. Even the introduction of George Ryton's new ER189 for the German Grand Prix didn't help. Foitek quit after the Belgian Grand Prix, with Larrauri returning. The Argentine was no more successful, though.

Despite failing to start a single race in 1989, the team returned in 1990 with two cars once again. Pavanello had now left the partnership altogether, and the team would be starting the season with the ER189. Roberto Moreno would lead the team, with Claudio Langes in the second car. Langes would not make it through pre-qualifying once. A freak United States Grand Prix qualifying session saw Moreno start 16th on the grid, and he eventually finished 13th. The capable Brazilian would qualify again at the San Marino Grand Prix, and come close on a number of occasions, but as Brun lost enthusiasm, the EuroBruns got further and further from the grid, despite the introduction of the ER190. After 14 rounds, the team withdrew from the Formula One Championship, having made only 21 starts from 76 entries.

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2011 Driver table

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  2. 0 Fernando Alonso
  3. 0 Mark Webber
  4. 0 Lewis Hamilton


2011 Constructors table

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  2. 0 McLaren-Mercedes
  3. 0 Ferrari
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