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 Nico Rosberg

Nationality: German
Date Of Birth: 27th June 1985
Place Of Birth: Wiesbaden, Germany
Marital status: Girlfriend
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 69kg
Hobbies: Football, skiing, jet-skiing, snow boarding, tennis
Grand Prix starts: 76  
World Championships: 0  
Wins: 0  
Poles: 0  
Fastest laps 2
Points: 131.5  
First Race: Bahrain 2006, Williams F1  
Year Team 
2010  Mercedes GP, Race Driver, Car No. 4
2009 AT&T Williams, 7th, 34.5 points
AT&T Williams, 13th, 17 points
2007 AT&T Williams, 9th, 20 points
2006 WilliamsF1 Team, 17th, 4 points
Non F1:  
2005 GP2 SeriesART Grand Prix Team, WilliamsF1 test driver
2004 F3 Euro-series, 4th overall, 3 wins
2003 F3 Euro-series, 2nd in Rookie Category, 1 win
2002 Formula BMW ADAC Champion, 9 wins
2001 Super A World Karting Championship
2000 Runner up, Formula A European Karting Championship
1999 Runner-up, Italian ICA Junior Karting, 4th ICA Junior European Karting Championship
1998 North American ICA Junior Karting Champion
1997 French mini-kart Champion
1996 Regional Côte d'Azur mini-kart Champion
Nico Rosberg (left) and Keke Rosberg (right) 2002
Nico Rosberg

Provenance can count for much in motor racing, the annals littered with fathers, sons, brothers, indeed entire dynastical claims to the sport's prizes. Perhaps the familiarity of the noise and the smell of the trackside or indeed the vocabulary of success leave its indelible mark on impressionable youth, and this experience serves as an invaluable head start for the next generation of racers.
Whatever the influence of having a famous racing Dad, it remains a reality that a racing name can be as much of a millstone as a touchstone for success. Much depends on the attitude and approach of both elements – father and son – and who could provide a better example of success built upon success than Nico & Keke Rosberg.
Born in Monaco on June 27, 1985, Nico has strong family ties to the Williams team with his father, Keke, winning the World Championship with the team in 1982. Dad's swashbuckling approach behind the wheel earned him other accolades, including a 17 year record for the fastest Formula One lap in history, as well as being one of the team's best regarded Champions. Certainly some act to follow.
For his part, Rosberg the younger first tested a single seater aged 11 and after several years karting, he established his own genuine racing credentials when he won the Formula BMW Series in 2002 by taking the chequered flag no fewer than nine times in a single season. However, it was no sure thing that Nico would be promoted to the role of a professional racing driver. The Rosberg ethos has been very much about balance and careful consideration. Nico enjoyed a normal childhood, largely indemnified from the spotlight of his father's career and encouraged by his parents to pursue all possible academic and vocational options open to him.
As a consequence, Nico reached a juncture when, in his academic career, he was offered a place at Imperial College, London, to read for a degree in Aerodynamics. Acknowledging that it was now time to make a decision that would affect his future, Nico opted to pursue his racing career. Watching his friends depart for university must have shaken the commitment of the young Rosberg, but his decision was vindicated when, at the end of 2005, Nico claimed the inaugural GP2 championship with a dazzling display of race craft and intelligence. Like many sportsmen, Nico became increasingly superstitious as the season progressed, and wore the same racing boots all season in the belief that that they were a lucky charm – by the end of the year the boots were in a terrible state but the title was his!

The prompt to choose the racing future had perhaps been made at the end of that portentous season when Nico won the Formula BMW title. The reward for his endeavours was a Formula One test with the BMW WilliamsF1 Team on December 3, 2002. At the tender age of 17, he commented after his first 38 Formula One laps that, “It was sensational. Now I don't want to drive anything else. The first laps were like a Playstation game – everything went so fast and seemed so unreal. My father had advised me not to attempt too much and just enjoy the whole experience. I think I managed to do that quite well.”
And with his father quietly observing in the background at Nico's first Formula One test, so the protocol was set for what has become a familiar sight. A competent, highly intelligent and modest racing driver set to flourish in the sport's highest category, with the steady guiding hand of his father, a former champion, very much in the background as Nico sets out to be his own man.
With his new responsibilities, the pressure of time has become a new reality for the young German. If he does manage to get some time to himself, Nico loves a game of footie and enjoys playing both tennis and golf. With his obvious love of speed, he likes nothing better than heading for the mountains with his snowboard and a few friends, although given his new position, the snowboard may have to be locked away for the foreseeable future!



You’re entering your third year as a race driver with the team this season, what are your objectives?
First of all, the goal is for the team to progress as a whole and take a step forward from 2007. Because we’ve worked together for a while now, we all know each other better so we need to take that and use it to our advantage. From a Championship perspective, to move up in the overall Constructors’ standings is one of our main priorities.

You’ve covered considerable mileage in the FW30 over winter testing. What improvements have been made over the FW29?
The aero department has done a really fantastic job with the FW30. That’s not to disregard everyone else within the team that has been working hard on it, but the aero on the car is a real step forward. We also already have a lot of developments which are scheduled for deployment over the year. People think
that we can’t be as good as the manufacturer teams, but that’s not the case and we can compete with them.

With the team seemingly making progress year on year, is there a possibility you’ll be fighting for a Championship in the next two to three years?
It’s difficult to answer that categorically, but we’re definitely on the right track. The team has recruited some strong people over the past few years to consolidate the existing structure and that has helped us to make some good progress. The new rules which will come in next year will also wipe the slate clean which should give us a big chance to enter that realm.

You have a new team mate in Kazuki Nakajima this year, how are you two getting on?
I get on really well with him. He’s a really nice guy, and he’s also quick which is good for the team.

2008 is an important year for Williams as it celebrates 500 GPs, 30 years and 50,000 raced laps. Is being part of a team with such a strong heritage important to you?
It’s amazing for the team to be celebrating all these milestones in one year! The team has moved on so much over the years though so I don’t really think about it too much, but it’s still cool to be a part of it.

Aside from testing, what preparations have you made over the winter to prepare yourself for the season ahead?
I’ve been training really hard, perhaps several hours a day. I think people underestimate how much work you have to do to prepare for a season. Alongside my training regime, I’ve also spent lots of time with family and friends over the winter which is important.

There are two new races on the calendar this season in Valencia and Singapore. How do you prepare for new tracks and, in particular, for a night race?
It’s always hard, and particularly with these two because they’re street tracks as well, but we’ll be doing a lot of preparation work on the simulator in the next few months. It probably takes only twenty laps to get into a new track and then it’s all about learning where you can make up more time.

Finally, your predictions for the year ahead in terms of the rest of the field?
It’ll be Ferrari and McLaren at the front again, then probably BMW behind them. We should be closer to the BMWs this year, but it will be really close with us and the rest of the midfielders.

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