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Lewis Hamilton


Nationality: Great Britain
DOB: 07/01/1985
Place: Stevenage, UK
Marital Status: Dating Nicole Scherzinger
Height: 175cm
Weight: 66kg
Favourite Music: R & B, reggae, hip-hop and funky house
Hobbies: Playing the guitar, music, training
Website: www.lewishamilton.com
Grand Prix entered: 58
Poles: 17
Wins: 11
Points:  315
Fastest laps: 5
World Championships: 1 [2008]
First Race: Australian GP, Melbourne, 2007


Formula 1

2010 Driving for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Car#2
2009 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: 49 points; 5th in Drivers' World Championship
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: 98 points; Won the Drivers' World Championship by one point over Felipe Massa.  Won races in Australia, Monaco, Great Britain, Germany and China.
2007 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: 109 Points; second in the Drivers’ World Championship narrowly missing out on the title with two points; the most successful rookie season in the history of the Formula 1 World Championship with consecutive podiums in his first nine races; winner in Canada, the US, Hungary and Japan; second in Malaysia, Bahrain, Spain, Monaco and Italy and third in Australia, France and Britain. Runner-up in BBC Sports Personality of the Year; voted GQ magazine Man of the Year in Germany and Sportsman of the Year in the UK; awarded the prestigious Golden Steering Wheel by Bild am Sonntag; presented with the BRDC Gold Star; received five F1 Racing awards including Man and Driver of the Year; winner of three Autosport awards.

Competition History

2006 GP2 Series: Champion with ART Grand Prix; five wins; six fastest laps; first double win at the Nürburgring; pole position and winner of Monaco GP2 race; second double win at Silverstone in home race; seven second place and two third place podiums


F3 Euroseries: Champion with ASM F3 Dallara-Mercedes; 15 wins; 10 fastest laps; 13 pole positions; secured championship with four races remaining; winner of F3 Masters at Zandvoort including pole position and lap record; winner of the Monaco F3 Grand Prix including two pole positions and two race wins and one fastest lap; winner of Pau F3 Grand Prix in France; two pole positions, two race wins and two fastest laps
2004 F3 Euroseries: fifth; one win and third place at the Norisring and the Nürburgring; winner of Bahrain F3 Superprix
2003 British Formula Renault: Champion; 10 wins; nine fastest laps and 11 pole positions; Champion before final two rounds
2002 British Formula Renault: third; three wins; three fastest laps; three pole positions; Formula Renault EuroCup Championship fifth; one win three podiums; competed in
four out of nine rounds
2001 British Formula Renault Winter Series: fifth overall

Formula A: European Champion; winner of all four rounds; World Cup Champion; awarded Karting World Number 1; winner of Masters at Bercy; Founder member of BRDC ‘Rising Star’ membership
1999 Intercontinental A (ICA): Italian “Industrials” Champion, Junior ICA (JICA); Vice European Champion; winner Trophy de Pomposa, fourth Italian Open Championship
1998 Junior ICA (JICA): second in McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future series; fourth in Italian Open Championship; signed by McLaren and Mercedes-Benz to Young Driver
Support Programme
1997 Junior Yamaha: Super One British Champion; winner of McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future series.
1996 Cadet Class: winner of McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future series; Sky TV Kart Masters Champion; Five Nations Champion
1995 Cadet Class: Super One British Champion; STP Champion

2009 Questions and Answers

Has winning the world championship changed you?

“The whole experience has definitely made me feel more rounded. The whole experience of 2008 has helped me to grow as an individual – and not just at the races; how I’ve dealt with my surroundings, my family and my life. I know I have a huge responsibility and I have to set a good example – and it takes maturity to manage those things and so I’m still learning and doing the best I can.”

How have you spent the winter?

“The winter months have been all about recharging my batteries. Last season was very tough both mentally and physically and the test and race schedule never gives you enough time to get back to peak fitness. Over the winter, I’ve taken a break from the car and really focused on my preparations for 2009 and getting myself back to the peak of physical fitness. In both respects, I feel really well prepared ahead of the winter test programme and the year ahead.”

What do you think of the new car?

“Well, obviously, I haven’t driven it yet. But there’s an old saying in motor racing that says a beautiful car often turns out to be a quick car. And all I can say is that I hope that’s right, because I reckon the MP4-24 looks simply sensational. Really beautiful, in fact.”

What aspects of the 2009 season are you particularly looking forward to?

“The huge rule changes are really exciting for a driver. The winter months are already quite busy because you’re very heavily involved in developing the new car, but this year it will be even more intense. And the whole experience will also feel quite fresh because so much is new. I hope the racing is as close and as exciting as has been predicted because that’s always more fun for a driver and fantastic for Formula 1’s fans.”


General Questions and Answers

If I had three wishes they would be....
Firstly I would ask for more wishes, then I would wish for my family to all be well and not have to worry about health or money ever again, and finally I would wish that I could do something positive for others less fortunate. I am not sure what or how just yet, but I’m sure the answer will come to me in time.

Which three things would you take to a remote island?
This is a tricky one; I would have to say that I would need my aigo MP3 player as I couldn’t cope without having any music, although I would need to work out how to keep it powered. Obviously I would
want my girlfriend to be there as well to keep me company and finally I think a speedboat with a full tank of fuel would be useful.

If you weren’t a racing driver what would you be?
I would definitely want to be doing something in music. I play the guitar and when I was younger I tried to set up my own band so I would have probably pursued something along those lines. Also
a lot of my friends are involved in music so it is a big part of my life. Failing that I would have probably pursued another sport.

What do you particularly love about Formula 1?
The feeling you get when you are really driving on the edge and pushing beyond the limit. The rush you get, the feeling of speed, the force that your body is under, all of that coming together gives the biggest
adrenaline buzz and it’s something that you can’t experience anywhere else.

What cars do you own, and why did you choose those particular cars?
At the moment I am driving a Smart Forfour Brabus, which is a great car and fun to drive, also I will be extending my collection and getting a Mercedes-Benz soon. My ultimate dream car would be the orange McLaren F1 LM sitting at the McLaren Technology Centre.


What would be your dream holiday destination?
Definitely somewhere in the Caribbean. My family are from Grenada and I love visiting the Island. Maybe someday I’ll visit some of the other beautiful islands of the Caribbean, but for now Grenada is the place.

What do you do when you are not racing or testing?
I have a fairly extensive training programme which takes up a lot of my time away from the track.When I do have some downtime, I like to spend it relaxing with my family and friends in particular catching up with my younger brother Nicolas. I have recently taken up golf so I have been spending time trying to develop and perfect my game. I also like to play basketball when I get the opportunity.

What is your favourite race track?
I really like street circuits and so I would have to pick Monaco.

Who is your hero?
I would say that I haven’t really had a hero since I was very young, as a hero is someone that seems invincible. There are people that I greatly admire though. In Formula 1 Ayrton Senna was really inspirational to me and I didn’t think Michael Schumacher would ever be counted as a hero, but I really do look up to him for what he has achieved and what he has done for the sport. Outside of racing, I would have to say my Dad foremost, then I find the empire that P Diddy has managed to build for himself is really motivational. Finally Martin Luther King, who was just a great person and continues to inspire many people including me.




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