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Heikki Kovalainen


Nationality: Finland
DOB: 19/10/1981
Place: Suomussalmi, Finland
Marital status: Dating Catherine Hyde 
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 66kg
Favourite Music: Nightwish (Finnish Rock Band)
Hobbies: Gym, cycling, cross-country skiing, golf
Website: www.heikkikovalainen.net 
Grand Prix starts: 58
Poles: 1
Wins: 1
Points: 105
Fastest laps: 2
Championships: 0
First Race: Australia 2007


Formula 1

2010 Driving for Lotus-Cosworth: Car No. 19
2009 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: 22 points; 12th in the Drivers' World Championship. 
2008 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: 53 points; 7th in the Drivers' World Championship. Won the Hungarian Grand Prix,first pole position in Great Britain.
2007 Renault F1; Formula 1 debut. 30 points; 7th in the Drivers’ Championship; finished second in the Japanese Grand Prix and 4th in Canada

Renault F1 third driver


Competition History

2005 GP2 Series championship runner-up: 5 wins, 2 poles, 105 points
2004 World Series by Nissan Champion: 6 wins, 9 poles, 10 fastest laps. Winner of Race of Champions. Second test driver for Renault F1
2003 World Series by Nissan: 2nd place; 1 win; 2 poles: Test drive Renault R23
2002 Formula 3 British Championship: 3rd place, 5 wins, 3 poles, 3 fastest laps, best rookie. Winner of the British Grand Prix Support Race, 2nd place in Macau Grand Prix

Formula Renault British Championship: 4th place; 2 wins; 2 poles; 3 fastest laps; best rookie: 8th in Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix (First Formula 3 race), "Rookie of the Year" by the Finnish Automobile Sports Federation

2000 Finnish Karting Formula Super A. Scandinavian Champion, Finnish Vice-Champion, Paris Bercy Elf Masters Champion, Kart Driver of the Year in Finland
1999 Finnish Karting Formula A, Runner-up


2009 Questions and Answers


With a season at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes already under your belt, do you feel better prepared than you did a year ago?

“For sure. It’s easy to forget, but I only joined Vodafone McLaren Mercedes in December 2007 so my preparations for the ’08 season happened very quickly. Of course, I felt comfortable straight away but it still takes time to understand exactly how each member of the team is able to help you. For this year, I feel much more integrated into the whole operation and know we can really hit the ground running when we start testing next week.”

When did you start your preparations for 2009?

“After Brazil, I took a short break but was soon back at the McLaren Technology Centre preparing with my engineers for the new season. I tested a hybrid car before Christmas and it gave me a good idea of what to expect. I think the new breed of cars will suit me very well. I’ve also been training in the snow of northern Finland – it’s the best place in the world for me to relax and prepare for the year ahead.”

What are your targets for the season ahead?

“I feel much better prepared ahead of the new season. I think you can extract a lot of performance simply from good mental preparation, and I really want to look at the positives ahead of me this year rather than becoming too focused on any difficulties. Racing alongside Lewis is the ultimate benchmark and I’d like to think we’ll both be challenging for the drivers’ championship and helping the team to win the constructors’ championship.”



General Questions and Answers


Favourite film?
I am a fan of John Travolta and Sean Connery and one really good film from Sean Connery is ‘The Rock’, so that is one of my favourites.

Favourite song?
I love a Finnish band called NightWish. It is like metal music but it is not very heavy and I think that the singer is good. They have a new album out and there is song called ‘Bye Bye Beautiful’ which is really nice.

Favourite actor?
John Travolta and Sean Connery

The best dish you can cook?
I can make a Chinese Chicken dish with rice, it is the only more complicated food I can cook, the rest is just tomatoes with pasta.

What would you never eat?
I am not a fan of Japanese food, frog’s legs and things like that. In fact I am quite fussy and I don’t really like any slippery food, or raw fish, I just stick to Italian food.

Most embarrassing moment ever?
I haven’t had a really bad one but when I went to test a GP2 car one winter at Paul Ricard, I crashed into the pitwall coming out of the garage – straight into the wall. It was the first run in the morning and the mechanics had been working on the car most of the night; I took a corner off and the front wing. They had asked me to do the test as an experienced Formula 1 test driver at this stage, so it was pretty embarrassing.

The day you will never forget?
Beating Michael Schumacher at the Race of Champions in 2004. Even though it didn’t make a difference to my career, it was just an amazing moment. The Stade de France was full and the atmosphere was amazing. Also it was a surprise victory as no one really knew who I was and no one normally beats Michael, so everyone was really cheering me when I was jumping on top of the car. That is a really good memory.

Luxury you could not live without?
My Vodafone mobile phone or laptop. I am a gadget freak and have to have all the new toys.

Favourite corner?
It would be Pouhon at Spa which is a fast left-hander. It is a really good corner as it is not easy flat but if you get everything perfect with a good line and car set up then it might be just flat out. But generally all the high speed corners are good in Formula 1.

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