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Eagle (Anglo American Racers)

Basic Information  
Base: United States
Team principal:

Dan Gurney

Formula1 information  
Grand Prix's entered: 27
World Championships: 0
Wins: 1
Fastest laps:2
Points: 17
First Race:

Grand Prix of Belgium 1966

Last Race:

Grand Prix of Mexico 1968

Year Chassis Engine Drivers Championship Points
1968 Eagle-Weslake T1G Weslake Dan Gurney - 0
McLaren-Ford M7A Ford
1967 Eagle- Weslake

Dan Gurney

Weslake Richie Ginther 7th13
T1G Bruce McLaren
Ludovico Scarfiotti
1966 Eagle- Climax T1G Climax Dan Gurney 7th4
Eagle-Weslake T1G WeslakePhil Hill
  Bob Bondurant
History and facts

Anglo American Racers was a Formula One and Champ Car constructor from the USA owned by Dan Gurney. They participated in 25 Grands Prix, entering a total of 34 cars. The team was originally named All American Racers, established in Santa Ana, California in 1964, by Dan Gurney, to run sportscars for him to drive in the United States between his Formula 1 commitment with the Brabham team. In that same year, Carroll Shelby, who was running Goodyear tires on his Cobra sportscars, introduced Gurney to the tiremaker because Goodyear wanted to take on Firestone at the Indianapolis 500. Gurney, responsible for bringing Colin Chapman and Lotus to Indianopolis, fielded an AAR Lotus 38 in the 1966 500. A deal was struck and work began on an Indycar for 1966. Gurney hired Len Terry, the designer of the Indianapolis-winning Lotus in 1965 and he laid out a mid-engined chassis, baptized Eagle, which would serve for both Formula 1 and Indycar racing. The result was the Eagle-Ford T2G for the US and the Eagle-Climax T1G for Formula 1.

Formula 1
In order to run the Formula 1 operations, Gurney established Anglo American Racers Ltd. in Sussex, England. The Eagle T1G, powered by an obsolete Climax engine debuted at the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix and scored its first points with a fifth place three weeks later at the French Grand Prix. In 1967 Richie Ginther was signed as a second driver. The Climax engine was replaced by a new 3-liter Weslake V12 specially designed for Gurney by Aubrey Woods and built in Great Britain by Harry Weslake. At Spa-Francorchamps in June of that same year Gurney got a victory, the first "all-American" victory in a Grand Prix since Jimmy Murphy in 1921.

The Eagle-Weslake was a beautiful and efficient car constructed in titanium and exotic alloys. More than this the Eagle was designed to make the tall Gurney fit comfortable at the wheel. Sadly the Weslake engine was unreliable despite being powerful, Weslake having used surplus Royal Navy World War I machinery. Weslake's obsolete machines were introducing such variations in the size of the parts that they were not fully interchangeable between engines. Gurney's program ran out of money in 1968 and by the end of the year he returned to the United States to concentrate his efforts on the more successful Indycar program, in which Bobby Unser had won the Indianapolis 500 and the 1968 Indycar Championship.

USAC & CART Champ Car
During the USAC years, the Eagle chassis was very successful in the late 1960's and 1970's, especially with driver Bobby Unser. Eagles won 51 Champ Car races, including the 1968 and 1975 Indy 500's won by Unser and the 1973 race won by Gordon Johncock. The All American Racers team was inactive in single seaters from 1987 to 1995 and returned in 1996 again building their own chassis and using new Toyota engines. However, this new effort, a combination of new and untested equipment, did not prove to be successful, never winning a race and collecting only occasional top-tens. The team ceased active racing after the 1999 CART season.

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2011 Driver table

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