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advertising on offers different advertising solutions for companies. If your targeted audience is automotive or related to sports, it will be a good solution for you. Our visitors are your customers.
HOMEPAGE (top position, will allways show)

Full banner (468 x 60 pixels)

150,00 euro per month
350,00 euro per quarter
1225,00 euro per year
SELECTED (in selected areas of interest)
Full banner (468 x 60 pixels)100,00 euro per month
250,00 euro per quarter
900,00 euro per year
BANNERS AND BUTTONS (appearing on all pages)
Skyscraper (120x600 pixels)100,00 euro per month
250,00 euro per quarter
900,00 euro per year
Large button (120x120 pixels)50,00 euro per month
125,00 euro per quarter
400,00 euro per year
Button (120x60 pixels)35,00 euro per month
100,00 euro per quarter
350,00 euro per year
Commercial before all our Formula 1 video's, maximum of 20 seconds.

250,00 euro per month
700,00 euro per quarter
2500,00 euro per year


Sponsored article. Commercial story, written for our customers for a specific goal. On the frontpage 1 week, after this it will be moved to the archive.

125,00 euro for 1000 chars
300,00 euro for 2000 chars

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 December 2008 20:42

2011 Driver table

  1. 0 Sebastian Vettel 
  2. 0 Fernando Alonso
  3. 0 Mark Webber
  4. 0 Lewis Hamilton


2011 Constructors table

  1. 0 RBR-Renault
  2. 0 McLaren-Mercedes
  3. 0 Ferrari
  4. 0 Mercedes GP


Need to know

  1. Formula 1 lexicon
  2. Without Traction Control
  3. Logistics of Formula
  4. Rain - adapt to win